Student Symposium Fall 2019

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Saturday December 7th, 9:30AM - 12:30PM at SJSU Student Union Ballroom


Undergraduate Projects
Aerial Vehicle Collision Avoidance in FANET
Prabjot Dhillon, Ismael Marisclan, BSEE Project Advisor: Jonathan Ponniah18
Anti-Jackknife Device
Eric Clelland, Bryant Perez, BSEE Project Advisor: Ping Hsu22
Design of a Simple Autonomous Smart Car
David Coe, Suraj Jagota, Amanjit Kalotia, Joshua Williams, BSEE Project Advisor: Chang Choo3
eTDS Cursor
Chad Belmudes, Grace Jeanpierre, Syeda Rizvi, BSEE Project Advisor: Sotoudeh Hamedi-Hagh17
Forest fire early warning system
Ahmed K J H Alhadher, Enrique Barrera De Madariaga, Michael Sanchez, Abe Tan, BSEE Project Advisor: Sotoudeh Hamedi-Hagh 14
FPGA Based RF Video Tank
Joshua Foster, Nicholas Ludlow, Ryan Macinick, Tirumala Vura, BSEE Project Advisor: Sotoudeh Hamedi-Hagh30
IP Based Patient Monitoring System
Francisco Colmenares, Douglas Pavicich, Everardo Torres, BSEE Project Advisor: Jonathan Ponniah19
Model Behavior of Neurons using ReRAM
Hoang Cao, Thanh Lam, Hoi Nguyen, BSEE Project Advisor: Hiu-Yung Wong27
Music Recommendation using Natural Language Processing
Roger Montoya, Brandon Purcell, Earl Magat, BSEE Project Advisor: David Parent29
OmniView Technology
Netsanet Haile, Benjamin Hunsinger, Vin Jin Lo, BSEE Project Advisor: Chang Choo36
Outdoor Fire Detection with Drones
Jared Heredia, Cesar Ortega, Omeed Shorooghi, BSEE Project Advisor: Sotoudeh Hamedi-Hagh31
Reduce Power of Silicon Neuron for Data Applications
Alfredo Mercado, Julian Perez, BSEE Project Advisor: David Parent48
Renewable Energy Portable Power Supply
Vincent Gentile, Brandon Kuan, Brandon Selvar, Artem Zinin, BSEE Project Advisor: Mohamed Badawy42
Safe Travels
Jonathan Dickson, Andy Ma, Francisco Orocio, BSEE Project Advisor: Juzi Zhao13
Surveillance Pod
Bryan Le, Austin Paige, Jason Victoria, BSEE Project Advisor: Sotoudeh Hamedi-Hagh10
Quang Duong, Sanghwan Lim, Tomas Pirir, BSEE Project Advisor: Hiu-Yung Wong28
Wireless Charging using Solar Cells
Antony Ambriz, Justin Dragoin, Nicholas Monico, BSEE Project Advisor: Mohamed Badawy37
Graduate Projects
3.3v to 1.5v Buck Converter
Kareem Elrakabawy, MSEE Project Advisor: Sotoudeh Hamedi-Hagh15
5G CMOS Power Amplifier Design
Arthur Tung, MSEE Project Advisor: Sotoudeh Hamedi-Hagh16
60GHz 65nm Linear Power Amplifier
Leonard Gray, MSEE Project Advisor: Sotoudeh Hamedi-Hagh11
A Reliable Photovoltaic Inverter Using a Fault Tolerant Algorithm and a Traic System
Satya Sai Deepak Naidu, MSEE Project Advisor: Mohamed Badawy40
A Study on the Design of a 10-bit Pipelined ADC
Jiyeon Seo, MSEE Project Advisor: Lili He24
Analysis of Security faults in IoT networks - ZLL
Siddharth Thakurdesai, MSEE Project Advisor: Juzi Zhao1
Asynchronous Logic Design in Modeling MESI Cache Controller with Split Transation Bus
Tomasz Chadzynski, MSEE Project Advisor: Tri Caohuu32
Channel Estimation for MIMO Systems Using Software Radios
Jonathan Molfino, MSEE Project Advisor: Robert H Morelos Zaragoza46
Channel Estimation with Alamouti's Code
David Lam, MSEE Project Advisor: Robert H Morelos Zaragoza47
Deep Learning model for hyperspectral unmixing
Deivanai Meyyappan, MSEE Project Advisor: Birsen Sirkeci34
Design and Analysis of Multimedia Streaming using Adaptive Bit Rate Technology
Mahantesh Mise, Ishaan Mathur, MSEE Project Advisor: Nader F Mir21
Developing Vision for Autonomous Vehicles
Tanmay Kolte, MSEE Project Advisor: Birsen Sirkeci33
Device Authentication Based on Biometric Information using PPG Signals
Zhen Rui, MSEE Project Advisor: Juzi Zha9
Differential Power Processing for PV Strings in Partial Shading Conditions
Daniel Sargezi Sardroud, MSEE Project Advisor: Mohamed Badawy41
Embedded Control of an AC IPM Motor Drive System
Tristan French, MSEE Project Advisor: Mohamed Badawy44
Enterprise Network Design for a Small Organization
Harshith Potapragada Sri Sai, Ankur Singh, MSEE Project Advisor: Juzi Zhao8
EV Wireless Charging
Christopher Duke, MSEE Project Advisor: Mohamed Badawy43
FPGA Optimization of CNN
Sanjay Ponnuswamy, Santhosh Reddy Dasari, MSEE Project Advisor: Chang Choo4
Implementation & Optimization of Camera & Radar Sensor Fusion For Self Driving Cars
Camilo Montenegro, MSEE Project Advisor: Chang Choo39
Implementation of Soft-decision Decoding of Block Codes
Namia Hossain, MSEE Project Advisor: Robert H Morelos Zaragoza45
Multi-sensor Fusion for Self Driving Cars
Navyashree Chandraiah, Deepak Shivani, MSEE Project Advisor: Chang Choo38
Network Traffic Analyzer
Saurabh Kharat, Shaileshkumar Chauhan, MSEE Project Advisor: Juzi Zhao12
Performance Verification of Convolution Neural Network Calculator
Reshma Shivarudraiah, Harshkumar Jogi, MSEE Project Advisor: Lili He23
Resource Allocation using Hose Model in Optical Networks
Ramanuja Rangaraj Kalkunte, MSEE Project Advisor: Juzi Zhao7
RTL Design and UVM based Verification of UART Controller
Avinash Chaturbhai Maheriya, MSEE Project Advisor: Lili He26
SDN and Network Security based Applications
Yash Chaudhary, Vishishtha Soni, MSEE Project Advisor: Juzi Zhao6
Selection-based Dimensionality Reduction in Hyperspectral and Multispectral Images for Land Classification
Siddharth Sharma, MSEE Project Advisor: Birsen Sirkeci35
Simulation of Video Streaming Over Data Center Networks under Bandwidth Constraints
Meghana Masarpadi Nanjunda Reddy, Deep Gandhi, MSEE Project Advisor: Nader F Mir20
Smart Fire Alarm System
Sahil Karia, Rahul Kadam, MSEE Project Advisor: Juzi Zhao2
Spectrum Sensing using Machine Learning and Multiple Cognitive Radios
Vedha Meyyappan, MSEE Project Advisor: Birsen Sirkeci5
UVM based Verification Environment for RISC-V Processor
Niyati Shah, Tushar Vivek Kshirsagar, MSEE Project Advisor: Lili He25
Invited Projects - Fukuoka Institute of Technology, Department of Electrical Engineering

Studies of discharge plasma applications for life science field
Dr. Satoshi Kitazaki, Professor49
Switched Reluctance Motor Drive System for Electric Vehicle
Dr. Kazuhiro Ohyama, Professor50