Newly Admitted Graduates

What You Need to Know and to Do After Being Accepted
  • Follow the instructions in your acceptance letter. The requirements may be different from a friend that had been admitted in a previous semester.
  • Make sure that your email address and telephone number are up-to-date on your MySJSU account.
  • Check your email regularly so that you can obtain information and respond to university and/or department requests in a timely manner.
  • Explore the EE Department website ( to better understand about the EE program. Information about the EE graduate program is under the "Academics/Graduate" drop-down menu.
  • Explore the Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations (GAPE) website ( and Office of Graduate Studies and Research (GS&R) website ( to obtain university information.
  • Information for International Applicants can be found at Included at this link is information about medical insurance, an estimate of costs, important dates, and much more.
  • If you are admitted as conditionally accepted and are required to complete 2 core courses before becoming a classified student, we recommend you enroll in 2 of the 3 core courses (EE210, EE221, or EE250) and EE295 (to complete GWAR requirement.) for your first semester at SJSU.
  • If you are admitted as conditionally accepted and are required to complete 4 undergraduate courses from the list, we recommend you enroll in 4 undergraduate courses for your first semester at SJSU.
  • You can obtain catalog descriptions of all EE courses at:
  • Make sure you enroll in your courses and pay the fee by the deadline to avoid possible admission problems.
  • As a new student, the EE Department guarantees you to be able to enroll in 2 core courses in your first semester but it may not be in your preferred session.
  • If the classes you want are full and you are not able to enroll, then enroll in classes that are still open so that you can pay the tuition/fee on time to avoid possible admission problems. After attending the orientation you can change courses by dropping and adding courses. During the first few weeks of the semester, you will be able to add a course by attending the first lecture and contacting the professor who teaches the course for a permission-code IF there is still space in the class.
  • Note that the waiting list is for the instructor to know the status of his/her class only. Your name on the waiting list does not guarantee that you will be enrolled automatically when the class has space available. When the semester starts, you can attend the first lecture and ask the professor for permission code. If there is still space available, you can add the class.
  • Do not contact the EE department for add-codes/permission-codes. These codes will be given by the professor after the class starts.
  • Do not contact the EE department requesting an advisor. You will select your area advisor after attending the orientation session.
  • Do not contact the EE department regarding payment and/or financial questions. You can find information at
  • You should attend orientation sessions mentioned in your acceptance letter. Students that skipped the orientation session resulted in having lots of difficulty during their time at SJSU.

During the first semester at SJSU:
  • You should complete the admission conditions stated in your acceptance letter.
  • You must fill out and submit the Plan of Study form to the EE Department office. Be sure to keep a copy for yourself. The form can be submitted online at
  • If you are admitted as a "Conditional Classified" student, you may apply to change your status to "Classified" (if you want to apply for university jobs and/or internships) at the end of your first semester if you passed 2 core courses with grades B or better. The "Change of Classification in the Master's Program" form is at