Electronic Design II Laboratory

Electronic Design II Laboratory (ENGR 258):
12 Workstations

This lab has state of the art electronic instruments (as shown in the table below) and an ELVIS (Educational LabView Instrument System) Demo Station. High tech software like LabView & PSpice are used as design aid for the development and measurement of basic analog bipolar and CMOS IC circuits. Working in this lab students get hands-on experience in the design and verification of simple building blocks of IC amplifiers, transconductance and operational amplifiers, their frequency response and their use in feedback circuits.

Courses: EE124 - Electronic Design II

               EE127 - Electronics for Biomedical Applications

Laboratory Director: Dr. Hiu-Yung Wong
Sponsor: Electrical Engineering Department
Equipment Model Quantity
Digital Multimeter Keysight 34461A, Agilent 34401A 12
Waveform Generator Agilent 33220A, 33120A 11
DC Power Supply Agilent E3631A, E3630A, HP 6236B, Heatkit IP-2718, Tektronix CPS250 21
Oscilloscope Agilent DSO6014A, DSO-X2012A 12
Desktop Computer Dell Precision T1700 12