Future Students

From the Chair

Ray Chen

I am happy to welcome you to the Electrical Engineering (EE) department at San José State University. We pride ourselves as being a prominent education institute serving as the cradle of engineering talent for the Silicon Valley.

Please spend a few moments to explore the excellent teaching faculty, solid hands-on training, great laboratories and facilities we have to offer. The EE department has been consistently rated by US News and World Report magazine as among the top universities offering Bachelor and Master degrees. With our location in the heart of Silicon Valley, we provide a talent pool in advanced technology for all high-tech industries in all areas of electrical and electronic engineering; and reciprocally we receive support and feedback from industries that keep us at the leading edge of the technologies.

We are a department that advances with the progress of technology. We provide courses that prepare our students for all fields in the Electrical Engineering discipline. The core strength of our faculty and curriculum covers semiconductor electronics, wireless communications, Internet technologies, image and signal processing, analog and digital systems, control theory, and power electronics. According to the latest Venture Capital Quarterly Reportthe major areas of new start-ups are Bio-Tech, Renewable Energy, Networking/Telecommunications, and, of course, Semiconductors. Our curriculum covers these areas and we are poised to expand our effort in these emerging technologies.

As the regions of the world increasingly influence each other, we enter profoundly into the sphere of global economy. To prepare our students for this wide spectrum of competition, we must extend our reach to the innovations and technology developments happening worldwide. We are actively engaging in collaboration and cooperation in education and research with domestic and international organizations in both the public and private sectors, in order to further our presence and to feel the pulse of the global technology progress.

I sincerely invite you to connect with and engage us in building for you a rewarding and fulfilling career in the high-tech arena.

Ray Chen, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair

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