Project/Thesis Guidelines

Class Policy: Please note that you are required to have Project Advisor Only, NO Co-Advisor. Few exceptional cases that you need to have a project co-advisor as described below: 
  • Your project is sponsored by a company. In this case, the co-advisor is a person from the company, or
  • Your project is in collaboration with other departments such as Computer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, etc. In this case, the co-advisor is a faculty member from that department  
Please see the canvas and/or contact Professor Morris Jones.   

​To enroll in EE297B/EE299B, students must submit the docusign form to get the add code. Here is the

EE297B/EE299B Registration due date: Two weeks prior to the University's ADD deadline.

The Presentation Schedule and document due dates are on the EE297B/EE299B syllabi.

Faculty Research Projects