Cheadle RF Communications Laboratory

ENG 238


Cheadle RF Communications Laboratory (ENGR 238): 8 Workstations

This lab equipped with instruments as shown in the table below. The latest version of Matlab is available on each desktop computer for the purpose of development and simulation of communication systems. The lab also hosts the Wireless Communication, which uses 8 USRP Motherboards with antennas and accessories and laptop computers.

Courses: EE160 - Principles of Communication Systems
               EE161 - Digital Communication Systems
               EE251 - Digital Data Transmission I
               EE252 - Digital Data Transmission II
               EE255 - Mobile/Wireless Communications
               EE198A/B – Senior Design Project
               EE297A/B - MSEE Project
               EE299A/B - MSEE Thesis

Laboratory Directors: Dr. Robert Morelos-Zaragoza and Dr. Birsen Sirkeci
Sponsor: Electrical Engineering Department
Equipment Model Quantity
Digital Multimeter FLUKE 8010A, HP 34401A, Agilent 34403A, 34405A 7
Spectrum Analyzer HP 8591E, 8391E, 8753A, 85662A, 8566B, 8753C 8
Power Supply HP 6236B, Agilent 3631A, Topward 2302D 9
Parameter Test Set HP 85047A, 85047B 2
Oscilloscope Tektronix TAS465, TDS794D, Agilent DSO7032A, DSO7034B 10
Waveform Generator Tektronic CFG280, Agilent 33220A, N9310A, Anritsu MG3710A 14
Logic Analyzer PM 3580 1
Time Synthesizer HP 5359A 2
Q-Meter HP 4342A 1
Signal Analyzer Agilent N9010A 1
Desktop Computer Dell Precision T1700 8