Every Electrical Engineering major is assigned a Major Advisor to consult with on a regular basis. Each semester students must see their Major Advisors to discuss their tentative schedule of classes for the following semester. An Advising Week will be scheduled near the end of each semester to provide program advising and release of the student registration hold for the following semester (this is accomplished by completing the Pre-Registration Advising form and turning it into the EE office). An up-to-date listing of EE Major Advisors is shown below and is available on the bulletin board near the EE Office (E349). Program information and forms are also available online. For General Education advising, students should contact Engineering Student Success Center (Room E344).

Students who want a head start in the engineering practice may consider the Cooperative Education/ Internship option, earning technical elective units for academically relevant industry assignments that are approved by the Co-op Advisor. Interested students should contact the Co-op Advisor and check the SJSU Career Center web site.

All transfer students must attend a transfer orientation. An invitation will be sent from the Engineering Student Success Center (ESSC). Click here for articulation agreements (transferable courses).

Current Students: Advising

Undergraduate Designated Advisors -

Advisors have walk-in hours (no appointment necessary) or you can make an appointment here. Office hours are posted under Faculty on the EE website and the EE office (E349).

David Parent
Room: E355
Tel: 408-924-3963
Email: david.parent[at]sjsu[dot]edu 

Lili He
Room: E357
Tel: 408-924-4073
Email: lili.he[at]sjsu[dot]edu

Robert Morelos-Zaragoza 
Room:  E373
Tel:  408-924-3879
Email:  robert.morelos-zaragoza[at]sjsu[dot]edu


Students must have received a grade of C or better in Engr100W prior to enrolling in EE124, or 198A. Note that Engr100W may not be waived based on Written Skills Test(WST) scores.

Major Form 

Every student must see his/her advisor and submit a Major Form, delineating his/her objectives. An approved Major Form is due in the department office (E-349) 15 months before graduation. Every student should meet with his/her designated Major Advisor at least one week before the deadline for the approval of the Major From. The submission of the Major Form is also a pre-requisite for enrolling in EE198A. Please see the University catalog for other graduation requirements.

Drop Procedures

For course withdrawals after expiration of the deadline, students must first obtain the faculty member's signature. The signature indicates that the student has been advised about the possible negative impact of the "W" on their transcript and, where appropriate, be encouraged to consult with the Student Resource Center. The instructor's signature does not indicate or authorize approval of late course withdrawal. The University's Director of Academic Services will evaluate late course and University withdrawal requests. 

A student may petition to drop a course after the fourth through the thirteenth week of instruction only for "serious and compelling reasons" (poor performance in a class is not considered a serious and compelling reason for late drop).

Technical Elective Requirements

Students are required to take 12 units of technical electives. The EE department currently offers technical elective courses in those areas as shown below. With Major Form advisor's approval, students can take electives from other departments. Graduate level courses can also be taken as electives for students with a GPA above 2.75.