Department Chair 

Le, Thuy

Dr. Thuy T. Le
Professor, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Research Interests: Design and Verification of Arithmetic Circuits, ASIC, System on Chip, Embedded Systems, High-Performance Systems, Quantum Computer, Computational Engineering.

               Office: ENG 349
               Phone: 408-924-5708
               E-mail: thuy.le[at]sjsu[dot]edu
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Graduate Consultant & Advisor
Bellegarda, Eveline
Dr. David Bruck
Ph.D., Cornell University
Office: ENG 275
Phone: 408-924-3891
               E-mail: david.bruck[at]sjsu[dot]edu


Graduate Coordinator

Sirkeci, BirsenMr. Morris Jones
Graduate Coordinator, MSEE, Brigham Young University
Office: ENG 295
Phone: 408-924-3950
E-mail: morris.jones[at]sjsu[dot]edu
Department Staff
Bellegarda, EvelineBradley Carrell
Administrative Analyst

Office: ENG 349
Phone: 408-924-3898
               Email: bradley.carrell[at]sjsu[dot]edu
Bellegarda, EvelineRoopa Gadham 

Office: ENG 349
Phone: 408-924-3949
               Email: roopa.gadham[at]sjsu[dot]edu

Technical Staff 

Bellegarda, EvelineAudrey Leong 
System Analyst 

Office:  ENG 346
Phone: 408-924-3938
               Email:  audrey.leong[at]sjsu[dot]edu