EE101 Self Diagnostic Exam FAQ:
The exam will be given two times per semester, approximately at the start of the semester and at the end of the semester. This is usually two days prior to the beginning of classes. If you are enrolled in the EE101 class, the exam is given during the normally scheduled exam time. The exam is also given to currently enrolled EE98 students on the make-up exam day as listed in the schedule. Bring a laptop with a working internet connection. The exam will be given face to face, but online.

Next Exam Date:

15 August 2019 Room 345, 0900-1115. Come 15 minutes early for check in.

Taking the EE101 self-diagnostic exam, and meeting the pre-reqs (EE98 and Math133A with a C or better, not C-) is required to enroll in EE110, EE112, and EE110L.  

Registering for the Self diagnostic Exam:

Email the EE department your nine-digit student ID to add you to the EE101 practice shell in canvas. The current EE admin is Roopa Gadham email: roopa.gadham[at]sjsu[dot]edu. If you do not hear a response in two business days just use the “myopenmath” shell. Myopenmath has the same info as Canvas.
The canvas shell:
  • Has an online practice exam generator.
  • Has a video and notes on how to succeed on the exam.
  • Is where your score will be posted.
  • Will be used to notify you of reminders about the exam.

Can I access a practice exam before I am an official EE student?

  • Yes, the practice exam can be accessed via the free LMS The link is here.
  • You can self-register with this information:
    • Course ID: 12721
    • Key: SJSU_Rocks!
  • You need to make a free account and log in. A video on this can be found here.

Registering for EE110, EE112, and EE110L:

Once you have met the pre-requisites and passed the EE101 challenge exam, upload proof of your pre-reqs to canvas, in the assignment called “Upload Proof of Pre-Reqs for EE110, EE112, and EE110L”. We will add you to the database that will allow you to register without an add code. Do not email the office staff or instructor, or come by the office for an add code.

Can I co-register for EE101, EE98 and Differential equations?

No, we are in the process of developing a workshop for EE98, and EE110.

I passed the 101 test, but did not pass EE98 or Differential equations can I enroll in EE110, 110L or 112?

No. The 101 is just a diagnostic test designed to have you refresh your skills that you should have learned. While it may be possible to pass the exam, if you have not passed EE98 or DiffyQ, you will not be able to follow the conversations in the follow on classes.

What can I register for if I do not do well on the EE101 self-diagnostic exam?   

You can still register for EE110, 112 and 110L but you might need to do a few things to make sure you will be successful. The following things are advised. Since the exam is a self diagnostic, you decide what to do.

It is strongly suggested that you take EE101 (Eventually EE110W) a one unit Credit/No credit course to help you review circuits and differential equations.
You can decide to take less units, or cut back on work hours.
You can review the material over break so that you can start the next semester well prepared.
Make strong study friends.
Create a study plan hour by hour so that you do not fall behind.
Students felt they following things helped them be successful in EE110:

More advice:
I studied by doing the practice midterms
Studied 7 days in advance (4 days alone. 3 days with friends)

Followed along and did all the assignments
The information given in lecture about how to break signals into elemetary components, as well as the plotting of poles and zeros as separate elementary components is very helpful. The complex plots can then be plotted by summing up the component parts. This is part of lecture, but should be stressed and given extra attention. The professors' spreadsheet technique is a useful way of doing this method for some people but I did not personally make use of it.

Completed all homework assignments not just for points, but to understand and practice concepts. Spent time searching online for outside resources to explain concepts. Spent a lot of time discussing answers with fellow students to find and correct mistakes in my understanding.
The practice exam was an excellent resource.

I worked on the practice midterm problems and derived out for all possible scenarios (ie: cascaded, low pass, high pass, inverting and non-inverting gain, etc). I met up with another classmate and we did all the problems again.
I learn by doing problems so I went through all the materials that you went over. I found that there were a lot of mistakes or inconsistencies with your notes so if you can revise some files in your module, it would help students be less confused.

The practice exams provided were perfect study material and ~15 hours of preparation.
Taking the 101 class solidified my understanding of basic concepts, and I do my labs by myself so I have to understand the concepts in the lab. Using Chegg with homework helps me understand how to think about problems.

I asked experts for help when I did not understand underlying concepts.
I believe one of the most helpful activities was the class dedicated to working on a practice midterm with the professor and peers.
You may take the required courses EE118, Mate153, and ENGR 100W(must pass WST). These classes add up to 10 units and you can take 2 units of Kinesiology to be a full time student for financial aid. Technical electives you can take are EE/ME 106, EE127 and ME109. Do not take EE140 if you cannot pass the placement exam. 

You can take Area S and V classes if you have cleared your lower division GE. For a list of courses see here.


What should I bring to the challenge exam?
The exam is closed book and closed notes. The following items are required:

Your photo ID (such as your driver’s license)
You should also bring some # 2 pencils and a calculator (only non-programmable calculators are allowed).


Where is the Exam held?
Currently it will be held in ENGR 345.

How will I be informed of the score?
Your score will be entered in to the canvas shell.      

How long does it take to get the results?

It will be scored immediately.