EE101 Placement Exam:
CMPE students do not take this test, no matter what catalog they are following. Email Professor Rod Fatoohi for confirmation of this. Please do not email EE staff or faculty on this issue.
The exam will be given on the first day of the semester (NOT the FIRST DAY OF CLASSES!) This is usually two days prior to the beginning of classes.  If you are enrolled in the EE101 class, the exam is given during the normally scheduled exam time. The exam is also given to currently enrolled EE98 students on the make-up exam day as listed in the schedule.
Exam Dates: Come 30 minutes early for check in.

  • 19 December 2018 Room ENGR 345, 9:00-11:45am

Passing the EE101 placement exam with an 80% or better is required to enroll in EE110, EE112, and EE110L as well as meeting the prerequisites of Math133A, Differential equations, and EE98, introduction to circuits with a C or better.  Math123, differential equations with linear algebra may also be used to satisfy the Math133A pre-requisite requirement.
Registering for the placement Exam:
Email the EE department your nine-digit student ID to add you the EE101 practice shell in canvas.  The current EE admin is Roopa Gadham email: roopa.gadham[at]sjsu[dot]edu  or Lucinda Lawson Lucinda.Lawson[at]sjsu[dot]edu If you do not hear a response in two business days just use the "myopenmath" shell. Myopenmath has the same info as Canvas.  

The canvas shell:
  • Has an online practice exam generator.
  • Has a video and notes on how to succeed on the exam.
  • Is where your score will be posted.
  • Will be used to notify you of reminders about the exam.
Can I access the practice exam before I am an official EE student?
  • Yes, the practice exam can be accessed via the free LMS  The link is here.
  • You can self-register with this information:
    • Course ID: 12721
    • Key: SJSU_Rocks!
  • You need to make a free account and log in.  A video on this can be found here.
Registering for EE110, EE112, and EE110L:
Once you have met the pre-requisites and passed the EE101 challenge exam, upload proof of your prereqs to canvas, in the assignment called “Upload Proof of Pre-Reqs for EE110, EE112, and EE110L”. We will add you to the database that will allow you to register without an add code. Do not email the office staff or instructor, or come by the office for an add code. If you are taking the equivalent to EE98 (intro to circuit analysis) or Diffy-Q over the summer, that is ok. You just have to have passing grades in these classes before you take the exam in person. 

Can I co-register for EE101, EE98 and Differential equations?

I passed the 101 test, but did not pass EE98 or Differential equations can I enroll in EE110, 110L or 112?
No.  The 101 is just a multiple choice test designed to have you refresh your skills that you should have learned.  While it may be possible to pass the exam, if you have not passed EE98 or DiffyQ, you will not be able to follow the conversations in the follow on classes.

What can I register for if I do not pass the EE101 placement exam before classes start?
It is strongly suggested that you take EE101 a one unit Credit/No credit course to help you review circuits and differential equations. You may take the required courses EE118, Mate153, and ENGR 100W(must pass WST). These classes add up to 10 units and you can take 2 units of Kinesiology to be a full time student for financial aid.   Technical electives you can take are EE/ME 106, EE127 and ME109.  Do not take EE140 if you cannot pass the placement exam.  
You can take Area S and V classes if you have cleared your lower division GE.  For a list of courses see here.

What should I bring to the challenge exam?
The exam is closed book and closed notes. The following items are required:
Your photo ID (such as your driver’s license)
You should also bring some # 2 pencils and a calculator (only non-programmable calculators are allowed).

Where is the Exam held?
Currently it will be held in ENGR 345.

How will I be informed of the score?
Your score will be entered in to the canvas shell.  80% or higher is a pass.

How long does it take to get the results?
A few days.

Will I be able to get into EE110, EE112, and EE110L if I pass the test right before classes start?