About EE

Electrical Engineering at San Jose State University

The Electrical Engineering Department at SJSU has established a firm goal to provide a high quality Electrical Engineering education to its students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The Department offers classroom instruction by the best-qualified EE faculty, hands-on experience in industry-sponsored state-of-the-art laboratories, and opportunities for industry internships. The Department has over 600 undergraduate and 550 graduate students.

The program supports students to obtain professional experience while taking classes. In conjunction with their classes, many students work as faculty assistants, teaching associates in the department and EE interns in the Silicon Valley firms. Our graduates enjoy excellent career opportunities in a broad spectrum of theoretical and practical areas such as wireless communications; machine learning; analog, digital and mixed signals; integrated circuits (IC); computer architectures and embedded systems, control and robotics; power/energy systems; and network security.

EE Department's Mission

The department's mission is to provide an empowering educational opportunity to students for their technical, professional and social development in a competitive and dynamic global society.