Teaching Associate(TA)

San Jose State University: College of Engineering: Electrical Engineering

Open Date: Oct 27, 2020                                              
The Selection Process starts from November 9, 2020, until all positions are filled.

Position Description:
Under supervision from faculty, Teaching Associates serve as instructors of EE laboratory courses. Teaching Associates are fully responsible for providing lab instruction, making and administering lab assignments and examinations, tutoring students during the lab session, assessing student performance, holding office hours, and determining total lab scores/grades.

1.) Must be an M.S.E.E. classified student.
2.) Must have an SJSU Graduate GPA of 3.5 or better OR SJSU Undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or better.
3.) Must be registered for at least one EE course or in the process of completing a graduate project/thesis.

Please note that students must have a social security card before starting the work. You can come to the EE office to find out the procedures. YOU CANNOT WORK WITHOUT A SOCIAL SECURITY CARD!
Students who have been selected for Spring 2021 - There will be a mandatory TA meeting on January 25, 2021, from 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm, zoom online meeting. 

Application Procedure:
Please do not submit your application without ALL the required documents Unofficial transcript and Current Enrollment.

Instructions to save your unofficial transcript
to save your  current course enrollment 

Applications that are not complete will not be accepted. 
If you are selected, your signature is required before we can submit the hiring packet, and also you are required to apply for a yellow card at the Human Resource Office no later than December 15, 2020.

4.) Click here for TA Application