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Building: College of Engineering
Room: ENG 349
Address: One Washington Square, San José CA, 95192-0084 
Phone: 408-924-3950
Fax: 408-924-3925

Department Chairperson

Dr. Ray Chen
Phone: 408-924-3899
Email: ray.chen[at]sjsu[dot]edu

Department Associate Chairperson and
    Graduate Advisor/Coordinator

Dr. Thuy Le
Phone: 408-924-5708
Email: thuy.le[at]sjsu[dot]edu

Department Undergraduate Advisor/Coordinator

Dr. David Parent
Phone: 408-924-3963
Email: david.parent[at]sjsu[dot]edu

Office Staff

Lucinda Lawson
Phone: 408-924-3898
Email: lucinda.lawson[at]sjsu[dot]edu

Roopa Gadham
Phone: 408-924-3949
Email: roopa.gadham[at]sjsu[dot]edu


Technical Staff 

Audrey Leong
Phone: 408-924-3938
Email:  audrey.leong[at]sjsu[dot]edu