Comprehensive Exam

Comprehensive Exam for the Courses-Only Option MSEE Students

General Information

1. The exam will be held mid/late semester. The time and place will be announced as soon as it is known.
2. You must have completed at least 21 graduate course units in good standing. Your 'Plan of Study' must indicate Courses-Only option for completing the MSEE degree. 
3. To take the exam, you need to register for it at least two weeks prior to the exam date. The registration form is available on line . 
4. The exam will be closed book. 
5. A calculator will be allowed in the exam.
6. The exam will be graded on a curve. 
7. If you fail the exam you can take it over as long as you do it within the maximum time allowed for the degree completion. 
8. The exam will be given twice a year, once in the Fall and once in theSpring. 

Exam Format

It will be a 2-hour exam. There will be two parts of the exam, one covering the core courses and the second covering the concentration areas.

Part 1

  • You will be asked to answer any two problems out of three in this part.
  • This part will be based on core courses EE210, EE221, and EE250. 
  • There will be 1 problem from each core course for a total of 3.

Part 2

  • You will be asked to answer any two problems out of ten in this part. 
  • This part will be based on courses in various areas of concentration.
  • These courses are: EE223, EE224, EE231, EE238, EE251, EE253, EE270, EE271, EE281, EE283.