Chair and Co-op Coordinator

Chen, Ray

Dr. Ray Chen
Professor and Chair, Ph.D, Santa Clara University

Phone: 408-924-3950
E-mail: ray.chen[at]sjsu[dot]edu
Office: ENG 349

Associate Chair

Le, Thuy

Dr. Thuy Le
Professor, Ph.D, UC Berkeley

Phone: 408-924-5708
E-mail: thuy.le[at]sjsu[dot]edu
Office: ENG 369

Undergraduate Coordinator

Parent, David

Dr. David W. Parent
Professor, Ph.D, U. of Connecticut

Phone: 408-924-3963
E-mail: david.parent[at]sjsu[dot]edu
Office: ENG 355

Graduate Coordinator

Caohuu, Tri

Dr. Tri Caohuu
Professor, Ph.D, Texas A & M University

Phone: 408-924-3951
E-mail: tri.caohuu[at]sjsu[dot]edu
Office: ENG 375